If you have decided on a special holiday in Marmaris, it may be beneficial to consider the location of the hotel you will be staying at. A hotel that is distant from the beach, restaurants, bars, shopping areas and parks may prove to create a very tiring Marmaris holiday time.  Many holidaymakers prefer not to take local transportation, drive a rental car or walk long distances while on holidays.  During the summer time, the weather can get very hot and long distance walks could wipe you out before you even begin your day.    Afterall the whole idea of a holiday is to relax, enjoy and regenerate before going back to your home country and back to your normal way of life – whether work or home.

There are many hotels along the beach in Marmaris.  Particularly along the Long Beach strip. Mind you Long Beach is a few kilometers long and about 30 minutes walk from one end to the other.  However there are many shops, restaurants and other places to see near and parallel to Long Beach. So you really don’t need to be in the center of Marmaris to explore the city’s most popular places.

As much as there are many hotels to choose from, and as much as the distance is important, it is also an advantage having to stay in a updated, professional hotel with good services, on the beach in Marmaris.  A hotel with good reviews, good location and great food and staff can make all the difference in your holidays in Marmaris.

Malibu Beach hotel has all these superb features and can offer them to their guests all year round.  This Marmaris hotel is not seasonal and runs 12 months of the year. Newly refurbished, it provides all the comforts for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Favored by many holidaymakers, this Marmaris hotel is certainly one worth considering from all aspects for a great holiday in Marmaris, Turkey!